Container Packing

AutoQuest Japan has been specializing in loading vehicles into containers for the last 10 years. It is an area where we are very confident and can guarantee the quality of the loadings at the cheapest price in the market. We consider this to be one of our greatest strengths. At present we are loading approximately 300 to 500 containers a month from our various yards in Japan.

Depending on the destinations we also do special loading using iron bridges and angle racks.

Some of the loadings styles in a 40 foot container include:

  • Five units of Corolla, Carina, etc.
  • Six units of March, Vitz, Golf.
  • Two trucks and two SUV.
  • Two 4ton trucks with a Rav 4/Corolla Van, dismantling and cutting are involved.
  • Hiace with three sedans/ Two Hiaces with one truck.
  • Coaster/Rosa Bus with two sedans or one long Hiace.
  • Seven K trucks in a container for USA.

The destinations to which we frequently send vehicles for our customers are Dubai, Durban, Mombasa, Dar-Es-Salaam, Caucedo, Mongolia, Krygystan, Kazakhistan, Namibia, Angola, Maputo, Chile, Peru, USA.

Once we have your list of vehicles our specialists will suggest the best loading combination that will save you money on freight and ensure that your vehicles reach your destinations safely.

Due to the volumes of containers that we handle, the shipping companies give us freight discounts and preference in booking space on ships. Our customer's benefit by availing of these discounted freight rates and it ensures that they remain competitive in their business dealings.

We do cover almost all types of combinations and if you have some queries regarding this please feel free to contact us.

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